Elevecture Showroom II

Innovating with the innovators

This showroom, the re-conceptualized, relocated version of the first Elevecture showroom, represents a collaboration by three innovative companies who's common missions involves revolutionizing the architectural surfaces world through the use of advanced glass technologies - Elevecture, Corning® and View Glass. The Innovation Center functions as a forum that networks people and their innovations together with a focus on interactive collaboration. Digital displays blend seamlessly with glass panels to help showcase changing exhibits while maintaining an environment conducive to co-working for the development, design and construction industries.

Elevecture, Corning and View Glass
Showroom Design
Completed 2017
One of three folding glass surfaces defines the Corning® table
Section perspective
Four folding planes stitched together by linear Elevecture lights
"New York City Innovation Center is a One-Stop Shop to See Tomorrow's Buildings and Design Trends Today"