educate and activate at valentino park

BC—OA's 2011 participation in desigNYC paired us with PortSide NewYork, a Brooklyn-based non-profit dedicated to connecting New Yorkers to the potentials of their waterfront. PortSide was looking to propose a kayak storage container in Valentino Park in Red Hook, who's exterior could be activated to include educational exhibition panels. Through a series of site studies we determined the optimal site for relocating an existing shipping container from the sidewalk to within the boundary of the park maximize visibility without interrupting views to the East River, and to frame a courtyard in a forgotten corner of the park. The exterior of the container is to be used for maritime related interpretive graphic exhibitry curated by PortSide. A green roof on the container itself protects the contents of the box. Reclaimed flotsam are secured as benches around the site and a perforated metal shade structure creates a protected destination.


A Waterfront Kayak Storage Box and Display

PortSide New York via DesigNYC
Schematic Design Complete
2D Design: Studio L'Image desigNYC Advisor: Paul S. Alter
Site plan for the relocated shipping container, shade structure and framed park area
The existing container located on the sidewalk outside of the park boundary

Educate, activate and kayak(ate)