Be playful with Play + Be

Play + Be is an experiment in the creative reuse of available materials. Using exclusively salvaged materials we propose the construction of three distinct but related modular components. Meet Play, +, and Be. Play is a tall and sweeping wave-like structure designed to provide a small stage or seating area with an operable shading element made of standard metal folding chairs. A kiosk theater, this casual stage invites both planned and impromptu performances. Be is a two sided resting element with bleacher style seating on one side and a leaning surface on the other. +, a square platform made of recycled shipping pallets, brings Play and Be together. The components can stand alone or can be arranged in any number of configurations in combination to create a playful urban opportunity for spontaneous celebration of the performance arts.


Kiosk Stage Design

Governors Island
Competition Submittal
Construction sequence diagram for Play, + and Be
Play and Be engaging in a traditional actor / audience moment

All the world is a stage, especially on a stage