Elevecture Showroom I


Corning® is one of the world's leading innovators in material science. Elevecture has worked in collaboration with Corning® to develop a revolutionary architectural surfaces product introducing the remarkable physical characteristics of Corning's Gorilla® Glass to the architectural world through a modular panel system.

BC—OA was asked to design an experiential showroom in Soho to unveil this unique, nimble product to the design community - architects, academics, developers, building management. The futuristic simulated lobby at the showroom entry demonstrates the versatility of a lightweight glass panel system containing static graphics, LED illumination and active displays. Modular panel sizing determined by BC—OA permits the integration of light panel and static graphics, seamlessly activating the vertical surfaces with graphics, fixtures and display. The mock-elevator provides the same, introducing a bright, modular, durable system to the stagnant elevator interiors market.

The rear showroom space collects design vignettes - also designed by BC—OA - exhibiting a few of the endless possibilities achievable with the Elevecture product. This includes backprinted photographs, unlimited saturated colors, glass-laminated wood veneers and laser-cut aluminum masks diffusing the light from a static light panel into a decorative pattern.

Showroom Design
Completed June 2013
Showroom Identity and Graphics by William Morrisey, Luis Bravo and Mikal Cook Photography by Lou Giacalone
Elevecture lights extend out of the flush glass panel wall and overhead
Showroom lobby entry panels integrated with linear folding lights
The mock elevator cab clad in Elevecture panels customized with a Paul Goldberger quote from the NY Times
"In truth, the elevator is a room...the smallest piece of architecture we enter on a regular basis"