Lift Huntington

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LIFT Next Level Floats' has established a second location in Huntington. LIFT Next Level Floats is a boutique sensory deprivation spa, the first dedicated spa of its kind in NYC. The program consists of private soundproof and lightproof float rooms, each which contain a heavily salinated warm water tank for floating. The experience results in a deep state of relaxation and a heightened sense of perception. Upon exiting the private rooms, the users enter the decompression lounge which allows for a gentle transition back into daily stimuli. BC—OA introduces a material palette of fir plywood, reclaimed steel and industrial grade wool felt to respond to the existing brick perimeter walls and concrete floors. These rich and natural materials produce a diverse and tactile palette which invites the touch.

Lift Next Level Floats
1600sf Isolation Therapy Spa
In Construction
Rooms provide an aesthetically serene experience
A central decompression lounge defined by the iconic blue glow
flotation therapy finds new home beyond city limits